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How to get a job in the Medical Marijuana Industry

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Finding MMJ Jobs – Is Moving To A Med State The Way To GrOw In A Down Economy?

If you have been looking for a job that can generate a TON of cash and is just starting its UP swing then you need to look into the medical marijuana job field. For those of you in states where medical marijuana is not currently legal now is the time to start your move and cash in on some of that green yourself.

Each month there are new dispensaries, collectives and delivery services popping up and with each new club comes new job openings that will need mmj card carrying patients filling. Maybe you will be one of the smart ones making the move and lucky enough to land that dream “green” job of a lifetime.

Is There Really That Many Jobs Available In The Marijuana Industry?

There are actually new mmj jobs popping up all the time as the legalization and complete decriminalization continues the way it is heading. If you currently live in a non med friendly state it is actually a great idea to get moving to one now because the industry is BOOMING. What this can also do for your current Non med friendly state is show them a loss in revenue due to people LEAVING the state for a greener and friendlier state like California for example.

Right now there are so many collectives up and down California that need medical marijuana patients just like for various jobs including security, secretary, tax / payroll, budtending, edible maker, growers, concentrate creator, delivery drivers, advertising, sales and marketing, hiring and management.

If you have management experience and a mmj card for example you could end up being a collective manager and pull in SOLID income which varies from collective to collective but it can average around $4,000 a month depending on the job you do and how the collective performs for the patients.

Which Jobs Are Easiest For Those Brand New To The Industry?

If you are a brand new patient who has never grown before and has little to no knowledge of marijuana there are a few great jobs that are perfect for you to get AND pay great. In many cities within California there are a ton of patients and collectives who need patients like you for trimming jobs as well as delivery services. Most times you can end up making $30+ an hour doing deliveries which is a beneficial job being able to provide patients their meds when they are not capable to do so on their own.

Along with the delivery job, trimmers can end up with more work that they want especially once they get the hang of trimming and get it DOWN and fast. There are many trimmers who travel up and down the med states helping fellow patients clean up their grows and trim their buds. Many can average $300 a week and most include free meds, food, place to crash and anything else to keep them motivated.

Trimming can be a tiring job and while it seems easy just wait until you have been sitting for 8 hours and “scissor hash fingers” LOL and while it does sound tasty ( medically of course ) it can get tiring especially for patients who have arthritis or other ailment that might make extended sitting or using scissors difficult.

Is It Hard To Find MMJ Jobs When You Are New To The Area?

If you are wanting to get into trimming with a grower and are new to the area it MIGHT work however trust especially with big trimming jobs is very important and some tend to only work with locals. Now due to the med cards that all legal patients can possess this “trust issue” isn’t as much an issue anymore especially when growers can verify you, your card and your story.

There is plenty of reason to move to a med state especially if you can get a medical marijuana card and get working in the mmj industry. If you look in forums they will say that California is all filled up and that is only to keep all the out of staters from cashing in or making them have to UP their game or lower their donation prices.

Since everything is now on the up and up in the med states the shady side of growing, trim jobs and everything related has been removed. People can now move into mmj friendly states and counties and GET PAID to help grow, trim buds, deliver the meds to patients among many other duties that need to be done on a daily basis.

As the med scene gets larger there will be a need for MORE patients to fill all of the positions. The best part is that the pay usually starts at $10 an hour but most times will include weekly medicine and other perks included as compensation for their time. The pay is great and anytime where you can go to work without having to deal with random drug tests or other hoop most other jobs make you jump through.

Where Should I Look For 420 Related Jobs?

There are actually plenty of great medical marijuana job sites available including thcjobs.com for example which allow both those looking for mmj jobs as well as those hiring to post their mmj listings. Besides mmj job sites there are plenty of marijuana related jobs posted in local craigslist listings including collective positions and even trimming jobs for legal mmj patients.

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  • Renee medina October 31, 2015, 2:34 pm

    I need a weed job or trimING. Please in the bayarea

  • michelle September 19, 2015, 5:28 pm

    Looking for a job cashier or customer service and a willing to train for bud trimmers.

  • fredy September 10, 2015, 12:23 am

    I’m looking for a job In trimming in Washington Asap

  • seth perkins September 6, 2015, 11:49 am

    I am looking to move to California and looking for a trimming job,, willing to travel up and down California trimming for whoever!! Please help me as I am a veteran,,, and recently detoxed off of methadone ( I was hit by a train when I was a teenager,) so needless to say.. I NEED to move to California, for my pain, and want a job helping others like me,, and I want to work in a field that I am so passionate about and that is cannabis….And my ultimate goal would have the means to move my autistic son out there with me!!! Please if you can,, help me,,
    Seth Perkins

  • Janis mounger August 13, 2015, 6:19 am

    I’d like to know if anyone knows of a delivery job in Tucson Arizona?

  • Kawika July 27, 2015, 7:54 pm

    Im trying to get a job working for washington state trimming there pot. Any one with details can msg me and lmk.

  • horace July 24, 2015, 10:32 am

    I’m an certified electrician and would offer my services from the many grow sites I’ve helped. Indoor HID, LED. Outdoor 20 foot trees from compost of donkey , goat and bird dong. Mixed with my secret soil blend. AAA grade results.

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