Feb 102012

Here is a common question:  How many grams in a joint?

I recommend .75 – 1  gram in a 3.5″ Elements Rice Paper Pre-Rolled Joint

This is common for Dispensaries and Delivery services to sell, pre-made, pre-rolled, and weighed out for accuracy.


Here is a question from a reader:

how much money can you make off a “ounce” like selling “joints”? or like i payed $100 for this ounce and i don’t no how many joints it can make?

Well here is your answer:  If you sell a pre-rolled joint for 8$ (for example, West coast Prices).  25-28 joints per ounce (excluding shake) So you are looking at $200 per ounce ($8 x 25 joints) minus cost of papers and labor, so you are really looking at about $50-$ 70 profit.

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