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How to make a Living Growing Medical Marijuana

This article is to show how it is possible to grow medical marijuana, with relatively few plants in a small grow room, and make enough money to supplement your income or live frugally. The bigger your operation the higher the profits. If you grow indoors, then you can harvest more; growing outdoors has less harvest cycles per year. The costs of electricity, growing equipment, and your time tending plants all adds up; but it can be a profitable venture.

things you’ll need

* time and care for plants

* seeds or female clones

* time to let plants grow
* a small room or basement
* grow equipment (lights and containers)

* secure location

Step 1

If you are growing indoors you have more opportunity to harvest and can trigger a flowering cycle

every 2 months (eight weeks) and you should get 1 ounce per plant. It takes 16 ounces to grow a pound. But lets give ourselves a buffer of 20 plants or a pound and a quarter. So lets say you have five varieties of bud, that’s four plants of each kind. You would need about 5 lights (4 plants under a light), high powered lights: 400W High Pressure Sodium or 200W LED light for flowering running 12 hours per day. For the Vegetative state of raising plants to flower you can use 4′ fluorescent lights on 18-24 hours per day.

Step 2

So making 30,000 a year would mean growing 16 plants every 2 months, and cranking out 20 ounces 1.25 lbs sell it for 5,000 (which is high)  for 5,000 6 times a year. These prices depend on your geography, more saturated markets in California have lower prices of $2,500. But that is $15,000 from 96 plants a year. Not bad for a little farming hobby.

Step 3

Keep it going, the longer you grow—the better you will get at it! You can increase your net profit by using energy efficient lighting and the most common mistakes are over watering and not letting your plants mature.

Jan 032010

The thing about growing weed, is that a lot of people who don’t know much about it will tell you growing weed is scientific and technical…It’s NOT!

A lot of ‘true blue’ growers will tell you to start simple, start with dirt and lights.  Hydroponics is for experienced full-time growers who have a cashflow to draw funds from, and I would advise the same thing.

Let’s start with the basics, it is a plant, it can grow in soil.  It uses solar energy, carbon dioxide, nutrients and water through photosynthesis to grow.  They call it weed because it grows like a weed, especially if it has all of the 4 things listed above.

The cycles of marijuana are tied to the seasons. When growing it–keep it in the vegetative state (18-24hrs of light) to make it think its spring or summer, until it gets big and you are ready for flowering your females (more on sexing in other articles).  Once you are ready to flower, start the light at 12 hours of light; this will signal to the plant that it’s fall and time to bud.

We are just going to cover what you need to get started, not harvesting, how long to grow, how to build a grow room, etc…so let’s get started

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