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A TWB membership, is a lifetime membership, with access to all the info you need for your marijuana business.  The TWB Membership, is the same as the Marijuana Business Guide, so rest assured  you know you are getting the best package on the market from the research team at The WEED Business.

We cover ALL the basics:

  • Dispensaries

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  • Collectives

  • Medical and Recreational

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We offer as much as possible for our entrepreneurs looking to get started with their very own legal Marijuana Business.   The TWB membership and Marijuana Business Guide will help you get started on the right track.  We offer great Member Resources available anytime, also a Members forum where you can ask us any question, and a 10-week course to help you with all the steps of business setup. See below for all the items included in a TWB membership:

TWB Marijuana Business Guide: 

1. How to Open a Dispensary Guide:

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2. 10 Lesson course:

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3. Member Resources and Forum:

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