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Jobs Board and Training

We have seen a lot of people seeking to make business contacts, attain skills, and learn tricks of the trade. As the industry unfolds, the number of available positions and levels show that it is an industry like any other. There is a hierarchy, and it takes the pairing of skilled tradespeople and retailers with highly skilled businesspeople who can navigate all of the insurance, registration, taxation and regulation components of being a dispensary and/or wholesale operations business. So some of the TWB community come here to get guidance on business ownership and the amazing benefits of being an entrepreneur operating and profiting cleanly within the system. Others are here to find support and seek out quality education on how to become a knowledgeable grower who can produce product that is reliable and, for medical patients, has consistent affects on varying well documented aspects of the human condition.

thculogoFind out if you can make the cut and get into the industry by seeking out a key to your success – take some courses! Our friends at THC University – Premier Cannabis Training Center – are working hard to customize a unique learning experience to help you bone up on your skills.


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