How to make neutral ph fixer

    Fix water with Homemade Fixer!

    When testing your water for ph balance, instead of buying pH fixers here are a couple home-made remedies.

    •If the water is acidic add a bit of bicarb of soda or Baking Powder (

    •If the water is alkali add a drop of vinegar to your water filter

    Unless you use pure rainwater, you might want to invest in a PH tester


    You can test the pH of water and add the remedies listed above.

    Another tip if you use tap water is to let it set out in a container over night; this allows the chlorine to evaporate, leaving you with a more rainwater like water.

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    Rainwater is usually neutral ph, so if you can water your plants with that, it can save you money and contribute to growing organically.

    Making your own fixer isn’t as hard as it seems, perhaps rather than buying chemicals you can make your own with household products.

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  • Chris March 12, 2011, 12:29 pm

    People need to get over being against using chemicals to grow weed. As long as you flush your roots regularly and only grow with water for the last week, there will be no traces of chemicals in your harvest. I’ve tried organic and hydro and there is no comparison. Hydro is easier and produces better crops than organic. I’ll keep using the ph control products available from my local hydro shop.

  • Bryan March 10, 2011, 12:17 pm

    You can also buy dolomite lime. it adds mag calcium to the soil and never reaches above 7 ph. Use once ounce per gallon mix in the soil

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