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He’s a marijuana consultant; He invests in the industry

Featured guests: Cannabis consultant Will Evans and Canopy Boulder managing director Micah Tapman […] Continue Reading

The Whole Foods of Pot – Why organic local marijuana is the future

It's Time to Invest in Organic Marijuana.  That's what the good people over at WealthDaily.com have an interesting article about how to invest in Public Marijuana companies.  I think there is also opportunity in the local markets too, organically grown product has to be much like the high end wine, where certain brands will be […] Continue Reading

Legal Marijuana Entrepreneurs Know Where to Invest

Well, this is brilliant! Yesterday afternoon I got word about a DC-based company called HighSpeed. As reported by dcist, HighSpeed is "an on-demand cannabis and cold pressed juice delivery startup" branching into the D.C. market from Oakland, California. Here's how it works: you order juice on a sliding scale and get cannabis as a "gift." […] Continue Reading

Is recreational cannabis killing the medical marijuana movement?

[…] Continue Reading

Cannabist Show: He’s a pot data guru; She brings weed to big screen

[…] Continue Reading

The Marijuana Industry’s Energy Footprint is Growing

[…] Continue Reading

High Finance: Denver, New York, and Market Legalization

[…] Continue Reading