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This is just a subset of recreational dispensary prices as of September 2014.

Prices vary from month to month depending on strains and availability.

Prices most likely do not include tax.

Prices in this list are very general. Some dispensaries will have other varieties that are more expensive than the prices listed in the map.

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Sep 212014

It is no exaggeration that prices vary between dispensaries. This has to do with everything from quality of strains to marketing tactics of the business owners. So our attempt to provide a straightforward answer to this question had to arise from a survey of dispensaries. Since there are over 200 medical and recreational dispensaries in Denver, we opted to pull our sample set from the advertisements in Westword Magazine. We also thought it would be good to use the advertisement page, because it shows what business owners are using as prices to promote their businesses, and not necessarily the top shelf price for the highest quality strains – therefore providing a bit closer to what could be considered a market average.

It is important to note that tax rates on medical and recreational sales different in that recreational tax is higher. Most sites did not specify if these prices included tax or not. Also interesting to note, a lot of medical dispensaries offered a discount on the first ounce in an effort to draw new members.

Advertised sale prices for a selected number of dispensaries for the month of September 2014

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Aug 152014

How to start? Depends on what you want to do.

  • Dispensary
  • Delivery
  • Grower/Supplier/Vendor
  • Recreational
  • Medical

Just this alone, can leave you at a stand still; weighing and researching all the options and combinations.

We are continually working and updating our content to make sure that the most current information is available to you in clear and straightforward articles. The information that is most relevant to business owners and takes us the most time to research are reserved for members only articles.

We get a lot of questions here at the WEED Business; and we will do our best to answer them. Most often we add the responses to these questions into our Marijuana Business Guide. We can point you into the right direction here, on our website. We have written about everything in the WEED Business.

Questions like these:

  • I am interested in selling medibles to dispensaries here in AZ. Do I need a license to do that?
  • Can I sell weed I grow to a dispensary?
  • I am interested in starting a mmj delivery can you please let me know the appropriate steps.
  • I am interested in opening up a weed dispensary.
  • Can I get a Job in the WEED business?
  • I don’t use or smoke but I’m interested to know or have information to do a business legally?
  • If you are selling packaged edibles or hash cartridges to a dispensary, do you need any special licenses?
  • My state is about to legalize, what should I do?

For answers to these questions and more read our FAQ page.

The most frequent comments people leave on the site are related to connecting with others who are serious about starting a business.

  • I’m experienced in the weed business. Not just growing. I could be a good factor in a business. I just need funding, and let me get to work.
  • I would like to start up a business with a partner
  • I’m a hospital executive and my wife a doctor. We are looking for someone to join us in this business.
    Are you interested in talking?

We want to encourage this outreach, but also know it can be difficult to discuss details or get to know someone on a public page. If you are seriously seeking a partner, we suggest you to reply to members only content and pages.

Jul 312014

Hover over each state to see the year that the Medical Marijuana Law was passed and the legal possession amount for each state at the bottom of the map.

If you are interested in more information on how to start a business in any of these states, click on the link to buy a membership for state specific information.

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Jul 212014

In July the Cannabis Buiness Summit  sponsored by the National Cannabis Industry Association held a conference in Denver, CO. Many of the sucessful entrepreneurs in the field came out to share ideas and encourage new business owners.

Enjoy this segment of speakers showcasing why profit and taxation of Marijuana is making it the next American business frontier.


cannabis summit

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how to grow weed in a pot
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