It is possible to sell Medical Marijuana legally. Here are some basic guidelines to follow when dealing with a dispensary


  • Mostly you have to be in a state where it its legal.

  • Check with your county, in California it varies, sometimes 6 plants/3 flowering is your limit.

  • You can’t just take stuff to a dispensary, you need to develop a relationship.

  • Remember that this is still federally illegal and the dispensaries need to keep a low profile.
  • A weed broker can buy your smaller quanity, and sell a large quanity to the dispensary, this takes knowing the right people and taking a sacrifice on the most profit, the broker is going to take a cut and so will the dispensary. 

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  1. I am a caregiver in need of donations for my overages. Please e-mail if interested. Multiple strains and great quality. Living in Eastern Michigan near Port Huron.

  2. I have my card and grow for my own personal usage but this crop grew more than I need. I can supply in CA to patients, hmu @ (Eight3One) TwoTwo9-71Ninety. Got bomb stuff, couple different strains.

  3. Michigan medical caregiver looking to wholesale to other medical caregivers/dispensaries. top strains, clones mid michigan area
    also looking into starting a legal delivery service. If you would like to become involved email me at

    • I want to take you up on your offer to start a delivery service. I live in Canyon Country Ca. It’s the outskirts of the San Fernando Valley were Shops are every where. The market is for the taking out here. I have purchase from the three delivery services out here and they all have flaws. I have ideas that will work and the knowledge to run a successful delivery service here. All I need is you.

  4. Don’t be a dumbass pothead by telling the public you are selling weed. There’s narcs all over these sites. Act stupid and you will only find yourself in jail.

  5. I live in CO also. Been in Afghanistan and we all know what that means. PM me.

  6. Really dry here in tampa fl wish I had a good friend in one of those great legal states with some type of consignment hit me up @

  7. I can supply. Los Angeles, CA. Email me


  9. The Federal Government is lower in power than the State government. You are doing nothing ‘illegal’. The Federal Government thinks it is more powerful because there is a Communist takeover of America headed by none other than the Republican party (communists created this party in 1852 it’s a documented fact) and the Democratic party. So there is a federalization taking place very similar to Hitler’s fascist takeover in East Germany. Romney, Obama, Bush, Cheney, Clinton–all cousins–and all family members to the royal family. Google it, don’t believe me, you got a brain and a super computer, use it.

    Your 10th amendment protects you from the feds. Your 4th amendment reinforces your property rights. And your 2nd amendment nullifies any disagreements.

    Use your brain and 1st amendment to spread the word.

  10. i am trying to grow in san francisco need a place to grow if anyone is interested let me no have seeds and proper papers

  11. hmmm…. guessing if you were really into understanding and following the practitioner/patient confidentiality laws, then you would know it is not HIPPA (as you stated above). It is HIPAA. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

  12. i need to be aboul to grow it and sale to every shop that i come a cross how can i do that would i need a sale license to do so and if sohow much and where can i get it fro to do so

  13. Hi i live Phoenix, AZ im a up to date card holder an have high demands on medication due to my small but relativly popular caregiving and inneed of suppiers mainly bulk is so please contact me

  14. I create AMAZING oil for edibles with a new technique that’s very cheap.

    • I write about great recipes how is it used in cooking? do you have suggestions for gourmet uses? What is the oil making process like. I am into green organic farm practices. I would like to possible include your company as a resource in a recipe book if you like. Jane

  15. Also, have extra meds for donation to cover electricity/nutrients/care(only legal way here in Washington) many excellent medicinal strains, white widow, white rhino, medi-bud, big bud,Ice, northern lights, THC snow,pineapple Jack, Buddha Kush, bubblelicious (bubble gum) Amsterdam Haze (sold in pharmacies there)
    Adding new strains each grow until I find the best combo for pain relief, insomnia and no appetite, was a nurse 20+ yrs so I have studied the strains I grow and can recommend the best strains for certain ailments.
    Feel free to contact me via email at

    • Hello I to live in Washington and with someone with MS.. My husband is now growing me my meds but the strains around here are just that all the same.. We a interested in buying and growing better strains to donate for medical reasons.. Seem like the same strains are the same just different names.. I am ready to explore different strains.. Thanks for any help. Peace

  16. Jessica, it depends on what state you are in. I’m in Washington and all I needed to grow for another person was their authorization to hang on my wall of my grow room, and a copy of them making me a “caregiver” which covers growing, picking up or delivery of meds to them…hope this helps! And happy growing, it is so enjoyable!!

  17. anyone looking for a worker Compton area hit me up

  18. Can someone help me out i’m in need of a weed grower contact…

  19. How can we purchase grade A smoke if we are living in a state where it is illegal?

  20. hi live in san diego only medical people , i supplie you can contac me @ just leave message n i get back to you thank you have a nice day

  21. My husband and I plan to start our growing operation within the next 6 months. We have been growing in a small room in our house for the past year and are ready to take the next steps. We are considering taking on additional growing needs of close friends and family members and selling the excess to local dispensaries. According to what I was told when I was first issued my medical marijuana license, it is legal to grow for someone else. Can anyone comment on any adverse legal liabilities this may cause? Also, does anyone know if there are any additional documents or permits required to grow for several other individuals?

    Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  22. My husband and I both hold current medical marijuana cards. Are we allowed to grow double the amount, due to the fact that we both hold a card or is it still limited to the designated state amount? Furthermore, we have friends that also hold current medical marijuana cards, but are unable to grow themselves. Are we able to grow for them using their current cards?

    • I am also a medical card holder. yes you can grow your maximum allowed plants and combine other card holders and grow for them. it is called a collective you will need a permit from the city or county i believe there is a maximum limit of member and a total combination of plants is 99 depends on your city and county ordinance.

  23. We are a small but growing california central coast collective and we are looking to establish a long term relationship with reliable suppliers of bud and edibles. Contact us at

  24. A CA State legal card holder and broker looking for suppliers!!! Please email me at

  25. Helen,contact me would like to discuss marketing edibles…..

  26. how easy/difficult is it to establish a business relationship with the dispensaries, and how realistic is it to think i can make a very good living growing and selling to them?

    • You would need to gain their trust, which might be hard. Also, you would be selling at wholesale prices, which means lower profit margins. If you have a great strain that sells well, it could be worth it.

  27. I am from india. I need a weed brokers contact. Help me out

  28. Live in southern Oregon & have really good constant green, if anyone is interested.

  29. I am a canna-butter master. I make a mind melting brownie that i have perfected is popular w card holders. A carrot cake w hemp creme frosting that makes patients smile and not leave there home!!!!! lol and peanut butter choc chip cookie recipe i make specialty large heart cookies out of w fudge hemp frosting. Licensed and a licensed grower! But all clubs closed in Bay area now. Where do i sell my goods. And the rest of this years crop!!!!! (Sativa-Indica)



  32. I have mastered the art of edibles, but I don’t know how to go about selling my products to dispensaries. How should I go about doing that and is there any certificate or license that I need?

    • Hi, I know your your post is old but by any
      Chance to you get direction on how to get
      Your product out there that you would share
      Guidance to me?
      Thank you

  33. I need a broker, I have northen lights, tangerine dream need help to move it

  34. I have my license and need to sell some of the product, need help to move it. I am in tacoma washington

  35. Hello people I live in ohio nd been doin research for a couple months now how I can grow marijuna for patient purposes and make a livin off it in a legal state

  36. hey i am interested in buying if it good quality at a fair price. i am in mass would like to know if you would be interested email me back let me know what you can do.

  37. hi. i am looking to take part in selling marijuana to dispensarys in maine. any advice?

  38. Need consistant buyer 215 :) got lbs if u can push it email me

  39. Grandaddy Purple is the best hands down

  40. haha who doesnt have an unlimited supply in mendocino, mendo purps world famous i got some right now straight from the grower in cool

    but word to the wise dont negotiate an illegal transaction over the internet


    on topic: get your card, grow it (dont tell nobody safety hazard), harvest it, take a sample nug around to as many dispensaries as you can, tell them how much you have and get a quote, sell to the club offering the best price. forget the part about the weed broker thats not how a broker works, if a person bought multiple small amounts, then sold it all at once in bulk he would lose money because it gets cheaper gram for gram the more you buy at a time….a broker is just someone who buys all the crop from big pro growers, then pieces it out in semi bulk (pounds, qp, ounce maybe) to dealers

    this is just one option, if your this deep into the toking culture you probably know your fair share of dealers that would love some just cropped local indoor by the ounce, or your stoner friends that will pay top dollar for quarters and eighths, maybe even the unemployed little brother who hits you up for dime bags every other there will be pressure to sell your crop straight to the consumer for higher profits…but thats illegal =O

  41. I can supply whatever anyone might need. Unlimited supply from Trinity, Mendocino, and Lake Tahoe, CA.

  42. I want to become a medical marijuana grower for patients or dispencaries.I want to know how can I grow it legally now that Arizona is a legal medical marijuana state.If anyone has any information on how to do so please let me know.Thank you!

  43. Vicki,

    How you doin? I also live in colorado and I need a supplier. I will be checking here regularly to see your response.

    Thank you


  44. I want to work as a grower

  45. I live in Colorado/ I have a medical marijuana card.

    I will love to be your supplier.

    Thanks Vickie

  46. need a supplier so i can sell more weed

  47. Do you guys serve the Midwestern states also?

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