Dec 292009

It is possible to sell Medical Marijuana legally. Here are some basic guidelines to follow when dealing with a dispensary


  • Mostly you have to be in a state where it its legal.

  • Check with your county, in California it varies, sometimes 6 plants/3 flowering is your limit.

  • You can’t just take stuff to a dispensary, you need to develop a relationship.

  • Remember that this is still federally illegal and the dispensaries need to keep a low profile.
  • A weed broker can buy your smaller quanity, and sell a large quanity to the dispensary, this takes knowing the right people and taking a sacrifice on the most profit, the broker is going to take a cut and so will the dispensary. 

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  1. I am interested in selling medibles to dispensaries here in AZ. Do I need a license to do that?

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