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How To Make A KILLING Selling Clones To Collectives and other Patients


There are many reasons medical marijuana patients would want to recoup their growing costs by selling clones to collectives as well as to other mmj patients. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to make a ton of cash just by cutting clones off of their mother plants? The best part is that each time you cut clones off your plants new growth will replace them IF you cut clones the right way.

In this article you will learn the ins and outs of making quick cash unloading clones to local mmj dispensaries, collectives and patients as well as the best ways to get fresh, new genetics that everyone in your area will be rushing to give you donations for.


How To Get Started

 The first thing you will need to do if you are wanting to make a decent amount of money selling clones is getting yourself quality genetics. Many collectives have clones that you can buy, take home, grow out for another 2 weeks and cut your own clones from and either sell them back to the same collective OR get donations from other patients by listing them on sites like craigslist or budtrader.

You can also purchase seeds from various cannabis seed banks like the attitude seed bank and be able to offer genetics that NO ONE in your area currently offer. No matter how you get your mother plants really isn’t the important part. The part that you should focus on is how you are going to cut these clones from your mother plants in order for it to spur an insane amount of new growth on those mother plants which will end up creating 10 TIMES the amount of clones you just cut off. I will get to that later in the article but first let’s talk money.


How Much Money Can You Make

 Usually medical marijuana patients pay $10 to $15 per clone whether it is in a plug, party cup of soil or other grow medium BUT most times they are pretty small ( 3” – 6” ) and while size isn’t that important ( that’s what she said ) it IS something that you need to be aware of so you can offer LARGER CLONES than others around you and inturn get more people wanting your clones over others.

Most patients will need 6 – 12 clones on average which is an easy $60 – $100+ in donations that you can then use to further fund more mother plants, new genetics, new clones, new seeds and so on. There are many collectives who will need hundreds of clones each and every week and are willing to pay you $5 – $7 per clone and when we are talking HUNDREDS per week it can end up being a real deal worthwhile effort on your end.


Which Collectives Give The Most For Clones

 If you go into a collective hoping to run in and provide all of their clones, good luck. You need to make friends, donate towards meds and get a feel for the collective and its atmosphere. As you become a regular, vending becomes second nature with collectives. The issue with clones is the worry of them being bunk, wrong strains, fake strains, hermie issues, bugs, disease, mildew and a million other what ifs that only clones tend to bring in.

As a collective owner or the buying manager him/herself gets to know you and trust you things will always become easier. Running in and saying you have girl scout cookie clones, cherry pie clones, the white clones and other HIGH END clones will usually make them do a double take on you.

Once you have been a proven clone provider however ( usually takes 60 days to prove out your genetics ) it will seem next to impossible to keep ANY clones in stock or available because they will go like hotcakes.


Besides Collectives Where Else Can You Sell Clones

 There are plenty of great places to locate other patients who might need clones. Many patients go into the health and beauty section on craigslist for example and post there. To see this in action, go to any cities craigslist health and beauty section and enter “prop 215 clones” or even just “prop 215” and you would be amazed at what pops up.

There are also many medical marijuana classified sites such as budtrader for instance. You can list clones for donation on budtrader and end up with 10+ emails from locals asking for 50+ clones that same day.

Too many patients focus on trying to grow the best medical marijuana and end up having to compete with indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, organic, hydro, aeroponic and a million other hyped up grow types. Why stress over bag appeal, smells, strengths and other factors when you can focus on growing out a couple mother plants and taking cuttings from them and letting them take root?


How To Actually Cut Clones From Marijuana Plants

 It amazes us how many patients are brand new to cutting their own clones and even growing marijuana from seeds. You as a grower should learn how to grow from seed as well as how to cut and grow from clone. Now depending on your grow medium can determine the type of cutting you will be taking.

The easiest way to cut clones and make fast cash with them is to do the time tested “party cup clones”. All you have to do is locate growth on your mother plant that has at least one extra node below that can grow back once you cut the “clone” off above it.

When taking a clone from a plant you will want to make the cut at a 45 degree angle, toss some rooting gel or powder on the end and stick it in a party cup filled with soil. Many mmj patients like to grow in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil however you really should look into “super soil recipes” which is a 100% organic growing medium that can be reused by adding simple amendments to it once a grow cycle has been completed.

Best Ways To Expand The Clone Vending Business

 There is actually a great market for clones in all medical marijuana friendly states and countries. One great way to expand in a big way is to setup a delivery service that is centered around providing medical  marijuana patients quality clones. There is plenty of competition vending buds so why not become the clone vendor in your area by taking things to the next level and delivering your quality cuts to as many local growers as possible.


In Conclusion

Being able to make $2000 + selling clones to collectives and other patients is super easy and done all the time. This is perfect for those growers looking to recover their growing costs and losses that they may had suffered. Always remember to verify valid id and doctors recommendation before getting donations from anyone.

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  • Aaron Harris June 29, 2016, 11:58 am

    firgot the most important part, as soon as you get one of the mites, spider, broad, russett etc. and/or pm well then youre plants, clones garden and reputation are worthless, not to mention the bad karma youd get for spreading youre bugs to everybody

  • mubuku-hashamen.com November 7, 2015, 8:58 pm

    It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people
    on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  • joe July 2, 2015, 7:03 pm

    I live in Oregon have my med card. I cant seam to find a licence or permet here for clones on large scale. Do u knw if there is one

    • Jake Thrush July 20, 2016, 3:27 am

      I live in Lowell, Oregon just 15 miles South of Eugene and me and my business partner recently started a clone selling business and am getting ready to start delivery of such clones to patients and clients. We have about 12 strains of marijuana and sell our clones ready to plant between $10-$20 depending on certain strains and their availability locally but usually 9 times out of 10 we can obtain most if not every strain asked about. Email me if you have any questions.

  • angie May 20, 2015, 8:17 pm

    do i need a commercial license to sale clones in Co

  • lucy gonzalez December 2, 2014, 12:39 pm

    How can i get a licence to be able to have more than12
    plants.lm out of los angeles….

  • chelle September 15, 2013, 9:17 pm

    Interested in starting a pot industry business what is the norm for start up capital to be successful. Estimate dollar amount please

    • stew October 27, 2014, 7:41 pm

      A reasonable startup for a low key operation would be…
      1. Rec-$75-$100, you will need more than just your own rec, and may need to get a non-profit as well.
      2. equipment $1k
      3. Location $300-700 per month
      4. Genetics: $200-$500
      5. Utility increase $100-$300 monthly
      6. Time…..you will guarantee need more than one cycle to get it right.
      7. Money to pay use tax is also highly advisable, typically people get busted for the little stuff like not paying taxes.

      If done correctly you can at least break even after about 3-6 months, but just like any business, it will take more money than you think, and more time than you planned for.

  • Snaps_Provolone June 3, 2013, 2:35 pm

    In Colorado your clones do NOT count against your plant count even if rooted so long as they are only in 2″x2″ or smaller cubes and have not been transplanted into growing medium.

    High plant counts up to 99 can be had by Red Card holders with illness requiring daily large doses of concentrations such as oil ingested orally.

  • AJ November 17, 2012, 1:00 am

    Anyone who tries to sell you a “growers permit”, “vendors permit”, or a recommendation for a certain amount of plant is simply trying to separate you from your money. There is no such thing as a 99 plant license in CA and never has been. If arrested, it is unlikely your doctor would sit in a witness stand and testify to you needing 99 plants for personal use and seeing as you aren’t probably aren’t a licensed, taxes collective the chances of being prosecuted without being afforded the benefits of your medical recommendation are real. We all have to remember that the medical laws are written to providr qualified patients safe access to medicine, not for profit. When it can be proven that you are making money from a grow operation you can be charged as if you do not have a medical recommendation.
    I am not saying this to scare anyone and the chances of being prosecuted are not high but they are real. I have represented people in similar situations, many of whom wound up accepting a plea to lesser charges to avoid prison time. In cases as these when you’re caught, you’re caught and it is a hard case to “win”.
    Be safe, and smart.

  • Kira October 26, 2012, 1:58 pm


    Your response seems sensible…. We are new at this, and going to be starting out small. We have a few questions, and hope that maybe you can guide in the right direction.

  • Brian September 9, 2012, 1:08 am

    I live in Cali. They sell a 99 plant license for $175 as long as you qualify for medical marijuana. This should cover you for a massive cloning effort.

    I’ve been rubbing elbows with local delivery services and dispensaries for over a year. As long as you have your license, you can sell it to someone else with a license.

    I would keep track of your sales, grow costs, etc in case there is any question.

    To my understanding it is not a problem for a “little guy” to sell a bunch of clones to a dispensary. That’s part of what it’s all about.

    Consult a lawyer about the fine print. I would just get your recommendation letter, sell quietly, and mind your own business. Not much trouble you can get into.

    • Chuck March 27, 2015, 3:22 pm

      Brian I Live in Cali do you know if 99 plant medicinal cards arr still alvailable?
      How many Clones can I have legally

      • S. June 20, 2016, 1:42 am

        As of Jan 2016, California law has defined that 5sq meters per recommendation of grow space is acceptable to the State. Local governments can still set a limit and restrictions on outdoor growing. Those lame places can be found on the CA official website.
        Do you find yourself with questions like ‘How much bud is that’ or ‘is there a height limit’, or maybe ‘dude, whaaat’? I’m not a law maker or particularly strict with my law understanding, but those questions should be left unanswered, unacknowledged and regarded as ‘ whatever, man’. They create this beautifully crafted gray area that makes everyone uncomfortable enough to ignore the hypocrisy and inconsistent nature of the government, while the government decides your fate while counting your paid tax stack and considering your level of anonymity to the general public. A decision which putting off indefinitely would mean profit for all. Graaaaayyyy… (for some reason, this was written with spoungebob voice as narrator in my head).

  • ann August 24, 2012, 1:52 pm

    DO I need a commercial license to sell clones?

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