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Founding member of The WEED Business team, The Green Ninja, has business experience from owning two companies.   The Weed Business, came into fruition in 2009, out of the need to share how this new industry can be safe, accessible, and provide a service to many people, including veterans and patients of all kinds.  At TWB, the Green Ninja’s invaluable business experience, has created incredible value for The WEED Business’ products and keeps TWB current on issues and business laws of Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana use in the United States.

DANKO’s experience comes from a Medical Marijuana state, providing first hand insights from patients and caregivers, on the medical side.  In addition to researching and writing in-depth articles about the most current issues of the industry.

Combined, The WEED Business has experience AND knowledge of all different types of Legal Marijuana Businesses. Different states have different medical Marijuana laws and the industry can be quite complicated to navigate.  To make sure you get started on the right foot, Start with The WEED Business.

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