Ways to get into The WEED Business

As with any burgeoning industry, the most exciting aspect is how inspiring the opportunity can be for innovation. The Cannabis Industry is of course no exception. This year’s Indo Expo in Denver was a prime showcase opportunity for companies showing off their inspiration and innovation for improving efficiencies and finding creative ways to support the primary aspects of production and sale. There were over 350 vendor booths on the floor. Check out some of the entrepreneurs we found, there are many ways to get into the weed business.


Starting with the essentials, its good to see healthy variety in seeds and genetics shops, there is room in the market and the businesses are thriving and healthy.




Also good to see many vendors looking to help improve the grow. Pots with handles, automatic watering improvements, natural pest mitigation, organic soil supplements, mitochondrial power and more!




Buildings and structures for growing spaces were represented by high end retailers selling complete houses in a box, where the ‘box’ becomes part of the final build as shipping container clean room entry points, and refrigeration units with their origin first serving the wine and beer industry. The Hemp Hallway also had an exhibit from Wilton hemp building blocks, which can be used to create permanent and temporary structures.











All aspects of the Cannabis Industry are subject to regulation, but the most visible is packaging and labels.




The future of packaging is recyclable – check out sanapackaging.




Processing tools have a wide range of ways to optimize and innovate, and improvements to extraction make it safer and lower the cost barrier.











Anyone with taste buds knows what Turpines can do to the Cannabis experience, but Extract Consultants also helps with refinement of the experience through articulation of various combinations of the Indica and Sativa strains. Turpix were located in the Indo Expo Hemp Hallway as they were soaked with cbd oil – showing how Turpines can also enhance the cbd experience as well.


High end retail growth has created room in the market for beautiful storefront materials.










The Hemp Hallway had lots of fun and exciting products like the Wilton Hemp Building Blocks and Turpix mentioned above, including cbd infused teas, dog treats and coffee.









This post is a tiny snapshot of all the cool companies on display at the 2018 Indo Expo in Denver. Check out their ultimate vendor list for more.

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