At The Weed Business we understand the importance of getting people established and profiting off of the legal sale of Marijuana, and we’re doing everything we can to help business owners become successful.

This site provides basic guidelines that will ensure that your business will not only be legitimate, but will also be a valuable community asset providing an essential service. Many dispensary owners have even found themselves in a position to expand the positive social impact of their business to other community members through paying taxes and raising awareness of the positive aspects of the industry.

To cover all of the basics ad get a good understanding of what it means to be a professional in the marijuana industry. These are by far the most all-encompassing yet straight forward guide/introductions you’ll find anywhere.

The WEED Business’ Marijuana Business Guide includes the following:


Make Money with Weed LEGALLY!

If you live in a medical marijuana state there are a TON of extremely easy ways to make money selling weed to dispensaries, collectives, delivery services as well as patients in your area.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to become a millionaire right now is the dispensary business, and people are rushing to open a dispensary while the market is still wide open. The controversial nature of this industry has tempered corporate interest and the expected groundswell that normally accompanies businesses with such high profit making potential. This is actually a good thing, because Marijuana in its essence is a product that should not be bastardized by corporations. It is imperative that good people like you get a solid footing in the groundswell of the movement to ensure these businesses can be as holistic and beneficial as possible before the “Walmart” phenomena takes hold.


Meet Your Writers – We’ve Done the Research for You

Within THE WEED BUSINESS you will get all the answers that will point you in the right direction to start putting some cash in your pocket SOONER THAN LATER.

Don’t mess around with scams or random posts you find online when you can get the information simplified and prepared for your education right here. Get your questions answered safely by asking the pros here at The Weed Business.  The one thing that you can be sure of is that you will get the most up to date content and business advice that WILL help you get started towards whatever income level you are seeking. We take great pride in our research, and only publish information that we know is accurate.

The Green Ninja has business experience from owning two companies, has operated The Weed Business since 2009, and follows news providers to stay as current on issues and business laws of Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana use in the United States. DANKO is from a Medical Marijuana state and has many card carrying friends providing first hand insights from patients and caregivers, in addition to researching and writing in-depth articles about the most current issues of the industry. Combined, we have spent hundreds of hours looking into different states’ medical Marijuana laws and the industry to make sure the information included is the most cutting-edge and up to date information there is. The Weed Business has a number of other contributors and a large support network, so if you have a question we can’t answer there’s a good chance we know someone who can.


How to Use this Site.

If you have read one of the articles posted here and feel the need to ask a question just post a comment but make sure and leave out any personal information or anything that you do not want to be made public and check back as the response will be posted within the same article comment section.

You might have more specific questions which you need help with and to be honest the best thing to do FIRST is to go through the entire site because MOST questions related to growing and selling marijuana is covered here. If you can’t find your answer within the many pages then by all means ask as it might be something that OTHERS like you will want to know about as well.

If you find your question is still unanswered, or you have a reason for providing some personal information than please feel free to email us directly.


Where Else Can I Go And Find This Information?

If there was a site like ours then we probably wouldn’t have put this together. The Weed Business has been researching and providing information for half a decade, and what we found before we launched The Weed Business was plenty of content about selling weed however there wasn’t any real content explaining what the NEW legislation means for growers and sellers. There were very few places to get clear and straight forward information about dispensaries, patients and the differences between states. And the biggest need we saw was in providing people with the information required to be successful and law-abiding to become a legitimate business person.

You might be able to locate a few forums with solid information however what TWB offers is the convenience of all that research in one site, and a focus on how to apply it to making money. Of course we will also have articles that cover a variety of cannabis related topics because we want to extend our helpful research articles to topics that will make you a well-rounded and informed business person, but ultimately we want to see legitimate business owners like yourself making lots of money from foraging into this new frontier legally selling marijuana.


For Those BRAND NEW to the Marijuana Business THESE ARE ALL MUST READS

To cover all of the basics ad get a good understanding of what it means to be a professional in the marijuana industry. This is by far the mos all-encompassing yet straight forward guide/introduction you’ll find anywhere:

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If you have a love for really cool mechanics and creating something amazing with your skills, then you clearly want to be a grower. We have reviewed multiple grow guides to to confidently point you to te best and most informative guide on the market

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