Oaksterdam University

For Entrepreneurs realizing there is a fortune to be made in medical marijuana.

You might want to travel out to California for a basic seminar course taught by Oaksterdam University.  This is a serious course to be taken by people wanting an immersion course in the art of selling weed, or the Cannabusiness, or The WEED Business!

Topics covered in the Basic Seminar

The Basic Seminar is suited best for students who are traveling from out of town, or who cannot meet regularly during the week. The Basic Seminar takes place over a Saturday and Sunday, totaling roughly 12 hours of instruction. Students who choose to attend the Semester Course can potentially achieve:

Basic 101 Weekend Classic Course
Attend all classes and pass the final exam.

Certificate of Achievement
Attend all classes, and attain Class Valedictorian by turning in your test within two weeks and achieve the highest score on the final exam among your class peers.

Legal 5501 Federal Vs State Law
An important introduction to the legal issues surrounding medical cannabis and the cannabis industry. Learn about the laws that govern cannabis distribution, cultivation, possession, and consumption for adults and medical patients. Have your questions answered by prominent cannabis lawyers. What’s the difference between state & federal law and what does that mean for you? Learn how to behave safely and responsibly under California Law.

Politics & History 5101
All students will get a detailed overview of the politics and history surrounding cannabis, historically referred to as hemp or marihuana. This course covers the political history of cannabis, as well as important legal decisions that affect the industry today. Did you know that the U.S. Federal Government created a program in the early ’80s to distribute cannabis for medicinal use? Learn more about this and other historical events while getting the latest information on current court cases and legislative decisions that can affect you.

Civics 5301 Legal Rights
What is a qualified patient and how do you become one? What are your rights under the law? How do you exercise your rights to navigate police encounters successfully? Learn your civic rights and responsibilities to positively contribute to our community and the cannabis industry.

Horticulture 4101
Learn how to grow cannabis from start through harvest. This course covers everything needed to get going and produce a harvest. Instructors will detail the basics of watering, lighting, ventilation, cycles, and equipment options. Indoor and outdoor information is included, as well as hydroponic and organic options. Even experienced folks can learn from this presentation about cuttings, pest control, smell abatement, security, pH balance, and drying/curing.

Methods of Ingestion: Extracts 8101
Learn the benefits and history of extracted medicine, the chemistry behind it, and the different extraction methods and equipment used. For those who require a little extra concentration…

Methods of Ingestion: Cooking 8501
Who knew there were so many forms of cannabis?! Hundreds of alternatives to smoking cannabis are now available, including: confections, cheesecakes, salad dressings, beverages, and more. Become versed in the basics of cooking with cannabis in a classroom setting. Learn how to cook with whole plant medicine and extracts, regulate and titrate dosages, proper packaging, food safety, and how to make cannabutter step-by-step. Learn from long-time cannabis cooks and professional chefs.

Patient Relations 7101
(Formerly Budtending 101)

Learn the ins and outs of safety, security, and great patient-customer service and set yourself apart from other applicants for employment at dispensaries. Train how to effectively and responsibly dispense cannabis to patients. Learn about the different strains and their differing effects, along with which strains are best for various medical conditions allowing you to provide helpful, knowledgeable service to patients in need.

Science 6101 The Science of Cannabis
(Formerly Medical Cannabis 101)

How does cannabis affect your body? Unlock your understanding of the human receptor system through our body’s interaction with the cannabis plant. Discover new therapeutic uses and explore the clinical benefits, research summaries, and therapeutic applications of cannabis. Be trained to debunk commonly cited studies against cannabis, and review past studies that impact the social environment surrounding cannabis today. Learn emerging science and the pharmacology of cannabinoids to enable you to educate everyone from your grandma to your local politician!

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    I found the documentry on MSNBC very intersting. Hats off to these oaksterdam movers and doers. keep this revolutionary movement going.

  • Grow closet March 5, 2010, 8:00 am

    Wonderful post – I was heading for a similar article which I will probably still write, but from a slightly different angle. Thanks for sharing this with your readers…I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it.

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