Price of Marijuana in Denver Dispensaries

It is no exaggeration that prices vary between dispensaries. This has to do with everything from quality of strains to marketing tactics of the business owners. So our attempt to provide a straightforward answer to this question had to arise from a survey of dispensaries. Since there are over 200 medical and recreational dispensaries in Denver, we opted to pull our sample set from the advertisements in Westword Magazine. We also thought it would be good to use the advertisement page, because it shows what business owners are using as prices to promote their businesses, and not necessarily the top shelf price for the highest quality strains – therefore providing a bit closer to what could be considered a market average.

It is important to note that tax rates on medical and recreational sales different in that recreational tax is higher. Most sites did not specify if these prices included tax or not. Also interesting to note, a lot of medical dispensaries offered a discount on the first ounce in an effort to draw new members.

Advertised sale prices for a selected number of dispensaries for the month of September 2014

complete price list3


med prices





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