What Is A Medical Marijuana Delivery Service?


There are times when all you want as a medical marijuana patient is your meds delivered to your door without you having to lift a finger. In these circumstances, that is exactly where Medical Marijuana Delivery Services come in handy for MOST ( if not all ) medical marijuana patients from time to time.

There have been many issues with dispensaries, collectives and co-ops with what the federal government wants to call a “storefront”. Delivery services allow a more  “Patient 2 Patient” style of exchange versus having to come down to a collective which many of the more paranoid patients actually prefer ( wait a minute, paranoid potheads??? no way ).

Sometimes there are patients who feel that if anyone from their job, friends or family ever saw them leave a medical marijuana collective there could be real backlash.  No matter the reason, there are plenty of medical marijuana patients in any and all states needing a delivery service that YOU could be providing for them.

There are so many reasons to start a delivery service especially if you are truly wanting to help fellow patients. Do you realize how many mmj patients do not have the ability or capability to even drive to the local collective to get their medication? You can be that positive karma in a fellow patients life and get compensated for your time, effort and odds are you have a patient for life if you treat them with the respect they deserve.

Legality Of Medical Marijuana Delivery Services

With the federal government  focusing more on its ability to storm in and raid dispensaries/collectives or anything with more of a storefront; this actually makes the delivery service business model out to be a GREAT OPTION for anyone thinking of opening or launching a business that will be helping patients get medical marijuana and related items.

As an example, prop 215 and sb 420 in California: delivery services remove any of the “business location” aspect from the equation however that can leave room for raids on your delivery vehicles, home business location ( where you keep your meds, product and run the business ) so making sure to speak with a MMJ business attorney is always encouraged.  For the feds to raid a delivery service however means you made some pretty big waves to say the least.

Most cities that have already banned dispensaries and or collectives may still allow delivery services so it can and usually is the safest and fastest available option for those wanting to get into the medical marijuana business.


Pros and Cons Of Running A Delivery Service Over A Collective

There are plenty of reasons to run a delivery service over other business models. For one, the ability to grow at your pace versus having a ton of patients coming into your collective right when you launch and not being able to keep up with the demand is a perfect reason.

Being a medical marijuana delivery service provider you will be able to regulate who you deal with on a daily basis as well as pause new membership or hold off deliveries until you have more meds available or able to locate more vendors to provide more for you.

The cons to the delivery service business is the potential for flakes, wrong addresses, forgot id / recommendation when meeting up among other “headaches” ( if you want to call them that ).  Most of these issues can be 100% removed by YOU due to being a proactive medical marijuana caregiver and asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS, pre-verifying over the phone, fax, scan in copies of valid ids/dr recommendations  and so forth.


How Much Do MMJ Delivery Services Cost To Run

Unlike dispensaries, collectives and co-ops, the delivery service option is amazingly inexpensive to get up and going. Since you will not need to have a business location which comes with a ton of costs including the lease, electricity, all the “volunteers”, not to mention the security measures for your staff, the patients and the medicine itself.

As a medical marijuana delivery service however you can remove a good 95% of the overall costs to run your very own collective AND you can run it more as if was your own business. This is perfect for those who like to cherry pick who they want in the “group”. Some find this good, some find it “unfair” however within a collective of fellow patients as a provider, you should be able to decide who you choose to work with and provide for. I don’t see anyone with a conscience  turning anyone away that needs help however.

You can get a mmj delivery service up and running for under $10k in most cities which is very minimal considering average costs to launch a collective usually start at $40k – $100k+ and with any retail or storefront style of location, you really have to COMPETE with the rest of the collectives versus delivery services.


What Can Someone Expect To Make “Money Wise” While Running A Delivery Service

 If you are a smart medical marijuana patient and grow your own that is the BEST thing you can pro-actively do to help reduce your delivery service operation costs. Locating fellow growers and local patients who provide quality medicine, edibles, concentrates, trim ( for edibles or extracts ), clones, teens, flowering plants, moms, seeds and everything else related IS important and can expand your business faster than you could imagine.

Most medical marijuana delivery services start great but end up without any product, this is where pre-planning can and will pay off for you and in a huge way. On average an 8th of medical marijuana will run $50 – $60 DELIVERED, now some will tip and others assume that to be calculated already within the donation. How you do this is up to you however allowing your delivery drivers to accept tips will lead to possible begging, putting their hands out or ASSuming which can leave a bad taste in YOUR patients mouths so tread lightly on the tip option.

As a medical marijuana delivery service in a decent sized city it is very easy to go through 2-5 pounds a week. Now at $50 – $60 an eighth that can really add up fast and in turn allow you to reinvest into even more medicine, edibles, concentrates, patient services, providing mopeds for your delivery drivers ( less gas, less insurance, cheaper for you ) among many other expansionary options. The possibilities really are endless.


Best Ways To Meetup With Vendors And Patients

 There are a million ways to meet quality vendors as well as locating medical marijuana patients in which YOU can provide this delivery service for. Some of the best places are craigslist, local mmj political groups, local meetup groups, chatrooms, forums and especially on facebook.

If you setup a delivery service do not forget to launch a facebook and do a simple search in your area to locate fellow mmj patients and make AS MANY FRIENDS as possible. As you begin providing a quality service to local patients, the word of mouth will explode with 420 love aimed straight at your amazing medical marijuana delivery service.

There are also a large amount of medical marijuana directories and classified sites that allow dispensaries, collectives and co-ops the ability to post their contact information, mmj menu and other details COMPLETELY FREE which will attract a lot of quality mmj patients flocking to try out your medical marijuana delivery service.



 When it comes down to it, a medical marijuana delivery service is one of the best and fastest options for someone looking to start and run a successful medical marijuana business. Now is the time especially for those in more PRO Marijuana states like California to get one up and running. With a mmj delivery service you can be providing medicine to those who might not physically be able to walk, drive or commute to get the medicine they desperately need. There are not many dispensaries, collectives or co-ops that can say the same.

As you can see running a delivery service has far more ups than downs compared to all other mmj business options and with that we hope this has answered the question, “ What Is A Medical Marijuana Delivery Service?”

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  • chris wilson September 18, 2015, 1:43 pm

    how can i get connected with some of the prop 215 growers?
    is there a website i can go to?

  • Peabody December 22, 2014, 7:35 pm

    Can my friend be in my home to order..? Or does she have to order frm home? I live in North vegas an she lives in south vegas..

  • Brent August 1, 2014, 12:51 pm

    Nor Cal 420 Patients Collective is a delivery service running out on the Sf Bay Area in Contra Costa County. It can very with each operation but you have the expense of each delivery driver and the mileage/fuel costs. Other than that just your inventory costs are going to be your biggest expenses.

    • steve May 5, 2015, 2:05 am

      You have any ideas as to keep track of fuel cost rather than just paying out with cash. I just got denied by pexcards

  • weed August 31, 2013, 4:45 pm

    How much can i order from a delivery man

  • John August 18, 2013, 1:39 am

    If i ever want to Oder mmj who would should connect with? That will do good deal

  • jpruben April 15, 2013, 3:23 am

    I have never ordered medical marijuana. I actually have never bought any at all. So what do I expect when I order from a delivery service. In other words, what is the delivery process like?

  • richard December 29, 2012, 2:31 am

    Please keep in touch.

  • betty July 9, 2012, 5:24 am

    Hi there Green Ninja,

    I am very interested in opening my own medical marijuana delivery service, but the only thing I did not see in your post was information on needing a business license to run such a service? or do I only need my medical marijuana card? and another concern you didn’t mention was the miles I would legally be able to run in order to do the deliveries. Would appreciate a response. Thanxs. 🙂

    • Green Ninja August 14, 2012, 3:31 am

      You always need a mmj patient card. After that, it really depends on your local codes and laws. Each state is slightly different, and of course, you have to be in a legal state. word of mouth is great for delivery services, but yet you want to be discrete, but ALWAYS vet patients. i would suggest getting a fleet of bad ass bikes, much less likely to get pulled over on a bike (not talking motorcycles here). The IRS has been giving a lot of flack to mmj dispensaries, not allowing them to write off regular business expenses, payroll, rent, etc…so its a bit touch and go. Check out our delivery service ‘start-up” package: https://theweedbusiness.com/delivery-service/ it is very helpful.

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